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The Kauli Seadi Kite Center is the only kite school in São Miguel do Gostoso located in front of the beach where classes are taught; therefore, in addition to offering the servisse of lessons, rental and kite guard, the customer and his friends enjoy all the comfort to spend the day under a covered structure that offers sun loungers, lounge areas with puffs and hammocks, a seafood restaurant (also vegetarian dishes, healthy snacks and kids menu), refreshing drinks, fresh water shower, bathroom and a store with everything that you need to enjoy a day at the beach (sailing clothes, biquínis, sunglasses, sunscreen, caps and other products)!

Our Kite Center is located on the beach, the wind hits a little more sideways than the other regions of São Miguel, so the kite class is safer and the wind is an ideal direction and more constant for kitesurfing! Our classes are taught by qualified instructors and our club has a safety standard certified by IKO (International Kitesurf Organization).

Our kite surf instructors speak languages, such as Portuguese, French, English and Spanish, the classes are for children, adults, beginners and also advanced customers.

O Kite Center Kauli Seadi é a única escola de kite de São Miguel do Gostoso localizada em frente à praia onde as aulas são ministradas; portanto além de oferecer o serviço de aulas, aluguel e guarderia de kite, o cliente e seus acompanhantes usufruem de todo o conforto para passar o dia sob uma estrutura coberta, com espreguiçadeiras, áreas lounges com puffs e redes, restaurante com frutos do mar (além de pratos vegetarianos, petiscos para jogar conversa fora, lanches saudáveis e menu kids) e drink refrescantes; chuveiro de água doce, banheiro e uma loja com tudo que você precisa para curtir um dia na praia (roupas para velejar, bikinis, óculos de sol, protetor, bonés e etc)!

For the best safety of the sailor, we have a jet ski to recue! We also have a compressor to inflate our customers´ kites, as well as an attentive staff, ready to take off and land your kite!
Therefore, the Kauli Seadi Kite Center is really prepared, with convenience, safety and professionalism, for the sailor to enjoy his wonderful vacation.

However, we also thought about the well-being of the sailor, the Kauli Kite Center was also built to offer the well-being for all (families and friends), thus allowing them to be well installed, in comfort, with `shade and fresh water`, a child friendly environment, and the view of the sailor having fun very close.



our classes include the equipment: KITES from German brand CORE (the highest standard in the market: – with size according to the need and climatic condition, BAR, TRAPEZE AND PLANK; HELMET WITH RADIO, TRAPEZE AND VEST) + INSTRUCTOR!

We can offer the following types of classes:

1 hour individual classes
6 hour package
10 hour package
1 hour single lesson, kitefoil.

Our instructors speak Portuguese, French, Spanish and English.


bring your equipment and leave it with us, in your private locker! The cabinet to store equipment is charged per day. Value in the attached price list.


we rent the complete equipment for you to sail (board, bar and kite), or just spare parts (only the kite, or just the board). The rente is charged per day, must be used by one person and in front of the Kauli Seadi Kite Center, and does not include the trapeze.


Our restaurant is open to the public everyday. The bar opens serving drinks and açaí at 9am and the restaurant at 11am, both closing at 5:20pm.


Next to our kite club structure, we have a store that sells beachwear for women, we have brands such as Paulina Sabioncello, By the Sea, Rip Curl, Summer House, Golden Sand, Fresh Water, etc; for men, clothing brands, such as Rip Curl, Hurley, Sakapraia; Mormaii and Ocean glasses, Windbra clothing and acessories; sunscreen Brazinco, Ugo mount; and our clothing line with sunscreen shirts, caps, shorts and even more products.



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